Sovereign Invests in a Multipronged Approach

by | Sep 14, 2023

For sustainability, self-sufficiency and expansion.

Sovereign, a leading South African poultry producer, is committed to expanding its operations in environmentally friendly ways through responsible business practices. They have partnered with experts in various fields to achieve this goal.

To promote clean, sustainable energy, Sovereign has initiated a solar power project. They already use solar power at two farms and are partnering with Repower Africa to install more solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems at three additional sites. These installations will provide over 4MW of solar power to their manufacturing processes, which has an environmental benefit equivalent to planting 83,000 trees annually. Sovereign plans to add another 4.7MW of solar power across multiple sites in the coming year.

In addition to reducing fossil fuel use, Sovereign aims to save water by investing in a state-of-the-art Water Treatment and Recovery Plant with the help of Talbot, experts in sustainable water solutions. This facility will clean and recycle wastewater for Sovereign’s processing plant in Kariega, reducing strain on water supply and providing 25 million litres of water per month to the local community.

To ensure efficient resource use, Sovereign has opted for a servitised solution through Energy Partners for upgrading and maintaining refrigeration plants at two key facilities. This Cooling as a Service solution saves on capital expenditure, guarantees uptime and efficiency, and recycles waste heat back into the factories’ heating systems for energy and cost savings. These sustainable upgrades not only reduce Sovereign’s carbon footprint but also enhance their long-term business model by lowering resource expenditure and ensuring consistent production even when faced with infrastructure failures or load shedding.

Overall, Sovereign’s investment in renewable and stable resources reflects their dedication to environmental protection and sustainable practices, making them a resilient poultry producer delivering top-quality products.

Their commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency has garnered investor confidence, as exhibited by the multiplier agreement they recently signed with Cobb Europe. Sovereign will expand the distribution of Cobb500 products in South Africa and several other countries, showcasing their expertise and forward-thinking attitude.