Farm to fork, we are committed to delivering goodness.

Sovereign has secured success by streamlining our entire operation, and running it in a way that delivers value to customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees. Through a collective effort, we deliver exceptional nutritional value to kitchens throughout the country. Our own values as a company, as well as the value we deliver, have contributed to us leading the way in the industry.


At Sovereign we put innovation into action.

Our fully-integrated operation allows us to control the entire production process. This guarantees consistency and creates procedures that are more effective for a better end product. By carefully monitoring each aspect of production, we are able to reduce waste and increase efficiency, while maintaining the high quality that Sovereign is known for.


Quality on the plate starts with quality on the farm.

Our farms are equipped with the most advanced farming technology available anywhere in the world to ensure the health and comfort of our birds during their entire lifecycle.

We use the top-pedigree parent breed from Arbour Acres, and our Petersime-equipped hatchery is the largest in Africa, focused on hatching quality chicks for healthy growth.

Our 120m long chicken houses provide ample space, and sophisticated climate control systems ensure the well-being and health of our birds.


Equipped for efficiency.

Sovereign places major emphasis on utilising the best farming and processing assets money can buy. We have invested in the highest quality, most efficient and trusted equipment in the world, and boast some of the best facilities found globally.

We use world-leading Stork processing equipment to ensure our factory combines the best of automated and manual production to deliver world-class poultry products to our customers. Processing and packing are done in an FSSC 22000 accredited facility, with all product packaging adhering to the latest labelling and safety regulations to provide full consumer transparency.

Furthermore, a state-of-the-art storage and loading facility guarantees the cold chain remains intact from processing to in-store delivery.


Nothing less than the best.

In addition to adhering to all government food safety regulations, Sovereign has implemented comprehensive quality control measures as part of its Food Safety & Quality Policy, to ensure the safety, nutritional value and quality of all our products.

A major advantage of our fully-integrated operation is that we are able to maintain a more efficient supply chain and high standards of excellence throughout every step of the production process.

All farming operations at Sovereign are required to follow strict biosecurity measures, and with full product traceability, we are supremely confident that our quality policies are carried right through from farm to fork.