This is the Privacy Notice of Sovereign Food Investments (Pty) Ltd and its subsidiaries (“Sovereign”), published on our website, which applies to the Personal Information of all Sovereign’s employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, agents, visitors and any other natural or juristic person engaging with Sovereign in any manner whatsoever.

When used in this Notice, “Personal Information” has the meaning given to it in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (“POPIA”). Personal information is any information that can be used to personally identify a natural or juristic person. Special personal information is any information that is considered by law to be particularly sensitive information. This includes information related to your health, sex life, race, ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, political persuasion and criminal behaviour and biometric information.

When engaging with Sovereign and by submitting any Personal Information and/or special personal information to Sovereign you hereby consent that Sovereign may collect, use, store, process, further process and deal (retain, disclose, destroy, etc.) all your Personal Information, and if applicable special personal information, as required and provided for under POPIA.

In the event that you do not agree with this Privacy Notice, or any parts thereof, you should not submit your Personal Information to Sovereign or if submitted in the past instruct Sovereign in writing to delete your Personal Information, in which instance Sovereign may at its sole and absolute discretion will decide whether to engage with you or not.

You confirm that you understand your rights to privacy and processing of your Personal Information in terms of POPIA; and that you are entitled to exercise such rights at any time; and that you have the obligation to keep your Personal Information up to date.

Sovereign is entitled to disclose your Personal Information internally or with a third party who use or process the Personal Information on Sovereign’s behalf. You furthermore consent that Sovereign may disclose your Personal Information to any other third Party as maybe allowed by law.

You herewith indemnify Sovereign from any loss, damage, injury, costs, etc. you may suffer as result of any unintentional disclosure of your Personal Information to an unauthorised third party.

For further information, complaint or Personal Information requests kindly contact Sovereign’s
Information Officer at:
Tel: +2741 995 1700; or