Sovereign Goes Solar

by | Sep 14, 2023

Sovereign is investing in a large-scale solar power project that will decrease its environmental impact and reduce
the negative effects of load shedding on production.

Sovereign has partnered with Repower Africa to roll out solar installations across 3 more of its sites, with the Further Processing Plant (Kelvin Street, Kariega), Hartbeespoort Abattoir, and Handsworth Farm joining Wincanton Farm and Boschfontein Farm with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The vast majority of South Africa’s municipal electricity comes from non-renewable sources; that means burning fossil fuels in coal-fired power stations or diesel-fuelled gas turbines when the coal runs out or gets wet. By converting to cleaner and more sustainable solar energy, Sovereign is reducing its carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change. The 3 new solar plants will provide a total of over 4MW to our manufacturing processes and will have the same positive effect on the environment as planting over 83 000 trees per year.

By taking steps to become less reliant on municipal power, Sovereign is working to secure a stable electricity supply and mitigate the negative impact of load shedding on production. Solar power also allows us to lower our electricity bills, resulting in a more sustainable and economically viable long-term business model.

On top of these 3 new installations, we are planning to add a further 4,7MW that will be spread across multiple sites in the next year. By converting to renewable energy alternatives, Sovereign is showing its commitment to sustainable practices that ensure we consistently produce top-quality poultry products whilst protecting our environment and preserving it for future generations.